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A quick walkthrough

Scrivo has different sections for displaying, editing and configuring the site.

The (public) site

The most important of all: the site that we're trying to manage. You can it that at the Web root:

http://my-host/my-folder/index.php *

* of course you can drop index.php if your server is configured to assume this

The editor interface

Web editors have their own URL which they can use to edit the content of the site, it is only accessible for editors and admin users:


The administration interface

To manage users and roles navigate to:


The configuration interface

This is your section. Here you can configure and edit the templates for the website.


The database console

We've already saw that one, but for completeness:


The .htscrivo configuration file

In the document root you will find a hidden file named '.htscrivo' (we assume apache here!). This file contains the configuration details for this site.


Now are we ready for some tapas?

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