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For what do you use xml_set_object()?

A: To convert a PHP object to a DOM document.
B: To set multiple attributes on a DOM node at once.
C: To set an XPath query object that can be used for repetitive queries later.
D: To instruct the XML parser to use an object for its element handlers.


When you start using xml_parse() you'll quickly found out that you will need to store data in between open-data-close handlers. And that's calling for global variables. As we are professional programmers we don't like that a bit.

xml_set_object() allows for a neat way to define your handlers in a class and use an instance of that class to provide the callbacks for xml_parse(). This way you can store intermediate parsing data as private members of that class too. Even the parser itself can be a member of the class, see xml_set_object() for an example.

So answer D is the correct one, the other answers were just one Bourbon, one Scotch, one Beer.