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Item 547237

What does stream_get_meta_data() do.

A: It returns the meta tags in header format if the stream contains HTML data.
B: It gives you access to the context data that was used when opening the stream.
C: When working with streaming content this function will give you a list of chapters and sections and their corresponding stream location/jump points.
D: It gives information of the stream itself: in which mode the stream was openend, if eof was hit, which filters are used and so on.


When you create a stream you can set up a context for it. The term context is a bit vague so let me give some practical examples:

  • a stream cannot be read without a user code or password, through a context you can the provide this information;
  • a stream can only be read if you post some data first, you use a context to provide this data.

Then there's data about the stream itself, is it seekable, what mode does it use, which filters are used. This is stream meta data.

So there is a difference between stream context and stream meta data. stream_get_meta_data() gets the streams data the stream_context_get_xxx() functions get stream context data. Therefore answer B is correct.

Answer A and C are just plain nonsense. I'm rethinking my carreer: account manager or sales excecutive, what do you think?