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Item 547242

What best describes a PHP extension?

A: A class that extends from one of the standard PHP library (SPL) classes.
B: A class with an common interface so that it can be interchanged.
C: An add-on or plug-in that adds (or changes) core functionality to PHP.
D: A PHP library, but only if it uses namespaces.
E: That is the extension that the Web server uses to identify php files when you have to run several versions of PHP on the same server. For instance this way you can register "php" and "php4" as PHP extensions to select the correct scripting engine.


PHP extensions have noting to do with object oriented programming so answer A and B are not correct. Also PHP libraries are not called PHP extensions although they might be seen as such, so answer D is false too.

Answer E is one good one isn't it, and so true too. But it's not a correct answer.

Answer C is correct: PHP has a rich set of extensions that can add a lot functionality to PHP. If you're not aware already browse through list of standard extensions and those in the PECL library see what PHP extensions can do for you.