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Roads to Rome

You need to process an XML file using DOM. Which method(s) can you use to create a DOM object from the XML data. Choose al that apply.

A: DOMDocument::load()
B: DOMDocument::loadXML()
C: domxml_open_mem()
D: domxml_open_file()


You can use all functions to create a DOM object from XML data. The following code sample shows you some applications of each function:


$xmlFile = "data.xml";
$xmlData = file_get_contents($xmlFile);

$domA1 = new DomDocument();

$domA2 = DomDocument::load($xmlFile);

$domB1 = new DomDocument();

$domB2 = DomDocument::loadXML($xmlData);

$domC = domxml_open_mem($xmlData);

$domD = domxml_open_file($xmlFile);