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Why Scrivo

If you need a CMS with a lot of ready made templates and downloadable modules then Scrivo will not meet your needs. But if your looking for an CMS to support a custom web design or an application to maintain pages as a part of your own application then Scrivo is exactly what you need.

Rather than providing you with a whole site Scrivo provides you and abstract data model of a web site and a very intuitive interface for web content editors to maintain the content of the site. Front-end developers will find it very easy to use this data model in their own templates and for back-end developers there are many ways to extend the basic functionality of Scrivo.

Open source

Scrivo is open source software and published under terms of the New BSD Licence. This means that Scrivo is really free software without any catches. You are allowed to use Scrivo for any type of project and for any purpose. It does not matter under what open or closed source licence you want to publish your software nor that you use Scrivo in commercial projects.


Scrivo was first released on february 18th 2003. It was ment to be an showcase for an CMS that fully supports the web content accessibility guidelines. From the start it was very well received by web editors for its usability and by web developers to build highly customized web sites with very little effort. Scrivo has undergone major reworks since 2011 resulting in its first open source release in 2012.

What's in a name.

Scrivo is the conjugation of the Italian verb 'scrivere' for the first person singular of the present indicative, thus meaning 'I write'. And that is what Scrivo aims to do: to give as many people as possible the means to out their writings to the public. 

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