Class \Scrivo\SystemException

Class to represent an error raised due failure in Scrivo program logic.

This class is for runtime errors of a technical nature that should normaly not occur in script execution, with script termination as most the likely course of action. For instance:

  • Division by zero where there was no user input.
  • Illegal argument types.
  • Index out of bounds.

You can use these errors to discriminate between resource exceptions, system exceptions and application exceptions to take appropriate action: f.i. notify the system admin, send out bug report or prompt the user for new input.

Extends \Exception .
Defined in: SystemException.php.

Constructor summary

Attr. Name / Description

SystemException($messageOrException, $code, $previous)

Construct a \Scrivo\SystemException.



public SystemException(\Exception $messageOrException=null, int $code=null, \Exception $previous=null)

Construct a \Scrivo\SystemException.

It is possible to create a \Scrivo\SystemException based upon an existing exception:

} catch (\InvalidArgumentException $e) {
    trhow \Scrivo\SystemException($e);

or use the standard exception parameters:

} catch (\InvalidArgumentException $e) {
    trhow \Scrivo\SystemException("Message", 123, $e);


Type Name Def. Description
\Exception $messageOrException null

The error message or original exception.

int $code null

Optional exception code if the first parameter was an error string, else not applicable.

\Exception $previous null

Optional, the original exception if the first parameter was an error string, else not applicable.

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